Glastonbury Square Dance Club

You'll Have The Time Of Your Life!

Beginner Lessons start Wednesday, September 18, 2024

Are you a Modern Western Square Dancer looking for a fun place to dance?
Come give the Glastonbury Square Dance Club a try!
We are a fun group of people and we look forward to dancing with you!
If you are interested in learning Modern Western Square Dance, please check out our lessons page.

Why Square Dance?

You’ll exercise — and have fun doing it!  It’s easy to reach your “10,000 step” goal!

You’ll think — and have fun doing it!  You won’t believe how much you’ll enjoy the mental gymnastics.  It’s like playing “Simon Says” for adults — while dancing!

You’ll appreciate — the good contemporary music that modern square dancing uses.  Country, rock, pop, classical . . . we have music from all genres.  (Ok, maybe not “Extreme Hardcore Punk Metal.”)

You’ll laugh — and will meet a lot of great people.  All while making great memories which will last a lifetime.

Whether you have just graduated and are a new Mainstream or Plus level dancer, or have been dancing for years, we would love for you to join us! Our dances are open to anyone who dances at the Mainstream or Plus levels.

Occasionally we hold student level dances (see our dance schedule), which are perfect for dancers who are currently taking Modern Western Square Dance lessons.

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Morgan Cunningham — Talking about Square Dancing
Chatting with Bill Mager / Deb Sweeney
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2nd Saturday of each month.

8:00PM until 10:30PM


Click HERE for more information


Cost is $8 per dancer.


$20 Family Rate.


Various Locations. Please check the calendar for the current dance location.



7:00PM until 9:00PM


Click HERE for more information


Cost is $5 per dancer per lesson. 18 Years and younger are FREE.


Lessons begin in the fall and are progressive (each week builds on what you learned in previous weeks). If you've missed the start of our lesson series, please reach out to let us know you are interested.


Various Locations. Please check the calendar for the current dance location / more lesson information.