Glastonbury Square Dance Club


Beginner (Basic & Mainstream) lessons start Wed. 9/18/24.

Come learn with us, it really is a lot of fun!

Hello! If you are interested in Modern Western Square Dance lessons, we would love to have you come learn with us.

Our lessons begin in the fall and are held on Wednesday nights. They are progressive (each week builds on what you learned in prior weeks) and go until June. We then hold a special celebration dance for our student dancers as they graduate at the Mainstream Level. You do not need a partner to take lessons, since we have many club members who would love to dance with you. (Of course, you are welcome to bring friends…the more, the merrier!) No special clothes are needed; dress comfy and wear comfortable shoes. Bring a water bottle and get ready to have a good time!

If you’ve missed the start of our lesson series, please reach out to let us know you are interested. You are always welcome to come watch a lesson or dance to see what it’s all about. (It may surprise you to see this is not the type of square dancing you did in gym class!)

If you already know how to dance at the Mainstream and/or Plus Level, check out the “Dances/Calendars/Maps” tab to find out when and where our dances will be (they are held on the second Saturday of the month, October through June, and the location varies).

We look forward to seeing you in a square!

Interested? Send us your contact information via the form below and we'll be in touch shortly!

Square Dance Calls -- Videos / Animation

Thanks to Saddlebrook Squares’ videos and the animations of Tam Twirlers’ “Taminations” you can watch and learn a new square dance call . . . or brush up on an old one. Open any level simply by clicking on the level name. Then, click the link under the column of the video / animation you’d like to view. (On mobile devices / tablets, you may have to scroll to the right to see all the columns.)

Our Class Caller

Bill Mager has been calling since 1980.  He started calling for the teen clubs in Connecticut.  He and his wife Sarah live in Andover, CT.  Nowadays he calls regularly for many area clubs.  Bill calls through A2.  He calls throughout New England and beyond.